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In 2024, Female Football Week (FFW) will be a nationwide initiative that looks to recognise and celebrate the contributions of women and girls in football, highlighting the important role they play across all parts of the game.

As part of the celebrations, Football Australia are pleased to announce that there will be a National Female Football Awards campaign. There are 5 awards up for grabs, with nominations now open! Football Australia along with its 9 Member Federations invites affiliated Clubs, Members, and Member Zones to nominate candidates for selection.

Award eligibility

The public are eligible to nominate extraordinary football club members of an affiliated community football club that have been a member for more than 12 months. We are recognising football club members who have made contributions in the 2023 calendar year.

Please note: The National FFW award winners will be announced online in the second week of May 2024.

National FFW Award winners will be selected from the FFW 2024 Member Federation winners (where MFs are not doing an award, nominations from the public will be considered)
For more information please visit www.ourgameaus.com.au

Nominations are now open for the following categories:

  • FFW Player of the Year
  • FFW Coach of the Year
  • FFW Referee of the Year
  • FFW Volunteer of the Year
  • FFW Community Champion of the Year
Nominations Close: 9 PM AEST Monday 29 April 2024

You are invited to nominate for as many of the awards that you would like. For each award you are nominating for, you must complete all the information required for that award nomination.

Collection Statement

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FA’s Privacy Policy - available at https://www.footballaustralia.com.au/privacy tells you more, including how to contact us to access and correct your details or make a complaint. By submitting this form, you consent to the collection, use, and disclosure of your personal information as described above and as set out in FA’s Privacy Policy.

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Award Criteria

  • Females that have exhibited significant behaviours of highly engaged motivated and respected members of the affiliated community football club.
  • Females that are not only passionate about one of the categories (coaching, refereeing, playing and volunteering), but also look to be a leader in this space, encouraging and inspiring those around them.
  • Females that support the underrepresented, displayed through their dedication of time, skill, and commitment to achieving within this space.
  • Females that have displayed efforts of leadership or mentoring to other members of the community football club within the realm of coaching/refereeing/playing and volunteering.
  • Community Football club members who have demonstrated commitment to the values of fairness, integrity, inclusion, and respect.
Nominations open Tuesday 09 April 2024 and close at 9pm (AEST) Monday 29 April 2024. *

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Nomination Details

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Please address how your nominee addresses the above criteria. Up to 300 words: *

Tell us about this player / coach / referee / volunteer / community champion and their outstanding contribution to your club over the past year. In forming your nomination consider:

Why does this person stand out?
How has this person impacted football and the football club’s community?
How do other members of your football club talk about this person?
What are their silent achievements and impact that nobody else knows about?
What are their roles, service, milestones, and achievement in football?
Why should this person be a 2024 FFW Award winner?
By ticking this box below, completing and submitting this online nomination, you confirm that any information provided by yourself in this nomination is true & correct and acknowledge that any nomination and/or award may be withdrawn should the information that you have provided in support of your nomination be shown to be false. You also confirm that any other person whose details have been provided as a part of your nomination has given their implied or express consent for their details to be provided to this Member Federation and Football Australia and to be contacted by this Member Federation and Football Australia in relation to this nomination. *
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