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Football West 2023 Club/Association Affiliation Form

Welcome to the Football West 2023 Club/Association Affiliation Form.

Football West is looking to streamline administrative functions for all clubs and associations by making affiliation a much more simpler process going forward.

Affiliation is fundamental for clubs and associations, providing access to services and participation in competitions for both the advanced football pyramid and community competitions and programs. This online process will generate efficiencies for both Clubs and FW through a reduction in administrative burden in relation to affiliation and will assist in providing a greater level of understanding in relation to many operational areas of the game.

A comprehensive FAQ page has been produced by Football West HERE

Please note, affiliation can also be completed through the Football West competition management platform, Squadi.

This form will take approx. 10 minutes to complete.

For any further questions, please contact

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The Nominated Club Representative is the individual that has been appointed by the Club to complete and submit the Football West Affiliation Form. This individual must hold a position of authority and have the ability to act on behalf of the legal entity / club.
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The Club/Association will abide by Football West‘s and Football Australia‘s Policies and Procedures as they apply